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MY TRAFFIC proposes an innovative web interface gathering all the key data needed for selecting and managing a retail location


Business environment


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Customer analysis


Real Estate market


Base your investment decisions on traffic

Access all the visitor figures of a location or an area in just a few clicks


Analyse a catchment area

  • Analyse the pedestrian flows of an area on a map

  • Identify the key crossing points

  • Target the most relevant locations

  • Prospect business assets


Understand the buying habits and visiting hours of an area

  • Analyse the peaks in traffic : per day, week, month and year

  • Define the best time slots for your street marketing campaigns and adjust your staffing and opening hours


Improve your day-to-day business performance

  • Assess the efficiency of your shop front through the conversion rate of pedestrians into customers

  • Quickly test different shop fronts (A/B Testing)

  • Adjust your in-store marketing according to your location and typical customer